Recap of Telegram AMA of Crypto Profiles on 3rd, Aug.

Q: In this year, the popularity of NFT concept is second only to DEFI. In a certain period of time in the past, NFT was even more popular than DEFI. To your best knowledge, what is NFT? Could you introduce it shortly?

A: NFT, the abbreviation of Non-Fungible Tokens, is essentially based on blockchain decentralization technology like BTC and ETH, but it is a token that is more advanced and more valuable than them.

In August, NFT is ushering in a new wave, and various excellent projects are coming to exist, which makes it similar to the early days of the mobile Internet industry full of vitality and blossoming. Therefore, looking back ten years later, history would set 2021 as the first year of NFT. NFT can be combined with various digital assets issued on the blockchain, such as Defi, mining, games, art collections, etc., and can even solve copyright issues in the real world through mapping. It is currently the only potential track to surpass the BTC. And the NFTs bought today are certainly to become a digital antique ten years later!

Q: Can you give us a brief introduction to your team?

A: Hello everyone! We are Crypto Fever company. The company’s core team is composed of blockchain experts, serial entrepreneurs, big names in the currency circle, top 500 technology and well-known illustrators. The founders of the company are two Ph.Ds from Beijing Institute of Technology, with five years of blockchain research experience. The technology comes from Tianjin High-end Equipment Research Institute of Tsinghua University, responsible for machine learning and 3D image processing tasks in the robot-oriented vision guidance system. The illustrator comes from a well-known producer in the card circle and operates multiple sets of independent card albums. With the vision of building an “encrypted ecology” and the core strategy of “going out of culture”, the company is committed to bringing the blockchain world to everyone, every family, and every organization.

Q: Please give us a brief introduction to the Crypto Profile collection.

A: The Crypto Profile collection contains 10,000 unique profile NFTs, limited to 50 copies per day on the Element platform. Crypto Profile is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, with 50 avatars sold daily in limited editions. Each avatar is unique, and created by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, including elements such as background, skin color, hair, eyes, mouth, emotions and decorations, etc., and finally modified and improved by senior painters. These avatars have a wide range of styles and are highly ornamental, united in their own unique metaverse.

Q: We found that each picture of the Crypto Profile is very beautiful and has its own characteristics. A lot of thought must have been spent behind it. Can you elaborate on the reason why the team did the Crypto Profile? What is the biggest feature of Crypto Profile?

A: Haha Yes, we hope to present players with the best NFT experience, making Crypto Profile not only a project, but a valuable collection. Crypto Profile is the first set of NFTs with a profile theme natively on the Element platform. Similar to CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape project, but more distinctive, the Crypto Profile is drawn by the excellent illustrators of Crypto Frenzy’s 500 male and 500 female manuscripts, and then the portraits are learned by artificial intelligence, and the characters are generated after reproduction, which is a bit similar to the meaning of the children of Shadanya.

Crypto Profile is a very distinctive AI-generated ‘artwork’, which has the characteristics of Asian, European and other regional races, and covers different types of painting styles. These avatars live in their unique styles. Of the meta-universe world. We hope to be able to convey to players around the world a meaning: when AI technology and art collide, it can produce works with more characteristics, closer to real-life avatars, and at the same time with artistic style. Encrypted Element Element exclusively released the NFT asset “encrypted avatar”, the biggest feature is small and beautiful, cheap & beautiful, which has a certain appreciation space. Each only sells for less than $18.

Q: We learned that Crypto Profile is currently on sale in limited quantities. How can users participate? Are there any activities currently available?

A: Yes, Crypto Profile has been launched on the Element platform currently. In order to ensure the interests of players, a limited number of 50 copies are sold every day. At present, an airdrop event has been launched, and many benefits will be given to Crypto Profile holders and community fans in the later period.



Q: The Crypto Profile is indeed full of creativity, and we are also looking forward to its future performance, its ability to move to a larger platform and be known by more players and collectors. Finally, please use a few words to move your glow stick for Crypto Profile!

A: GO Crypto Profile! You are inspired to become a star project on Element, and even to become a dark horse in 2021 NFT!



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