Why “HAHA Family” NFT collection has been quickly sold out at Element

As an Asian young artist, Qiao Muzi’s original NFTs “HAHA Family” was exclusively launched at Element, and 10 pieces have been sold out quickly.

It is reported that QIAO_MUZI, a young Asian artist, recently released her HAHA Family collection at Element, which attracted high attention from NFT market. HAHA Family were sold out in less than half a day. In the secondary market, some sellers have more than five times the number of listings.

HAHA Family link:https://element.market/collections/haha-family

QIAO_MUZI’s creative style is unique, combining not only design in composition and color but also harboring an independent fashion temperament. In fact, her NFT collection has already spread and has been very visible within some of the NFT communities at home and abroad. Previously, QIAO_MUZI has exhibited NFT mainly in Europe and Asia, and has also collaborated with companies such as Microsoft and Wangfujing, and is currently active in the NFT art market.

HAHA Family is a collection with a unique physical INK style mixed with digital creations. Artists through the unique painting brush strokes, mining, present the most sincere feelings in the hearts of people in the current society. Each piece is an artist-only edition, and only 10 pieces are available in the first collection. HAHA Family hopes that with the appeal of cute HAHA, everyone can keep an optimistic spirit and face the rapidly changing times.

Element has been one of the most prominent NFT marketplaces of recent times, currently ranking third in the global Ethereum network and the only Asian NFT market to enter the top 10.



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